The best time to see the "October cherry blossoms" that bloom in autumn Chiba Noda Shrine that colors Shichigosan November 7, 11:37

At the shrine in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, the "October cherry blossoms" that bloom in autumn are in full bloom and entertain the visitors at Shichigosan.

About 40 October cherry trees are planted at Sakuragi Shrine in Sakuradai, Noda City.

There are 40 other types of cherry blossoms planted in the precincts, such as Yoshino cherry tree and wild cherry tree, but only October cherry blossoms bloom in autumn, and since they bloom at the time of 753, this shrine also calls them "753 cherry blossoms". It means that you are out.

This year, due to the heat of summer, it started to bloom about two weeks earlier than usual.

After wishing for growth, the children and their parents in sunny clothes enjoyed taking pictures in front of the cherry blossoms in October.

The best time to see it will continue until early January next year.

Mr. Kenmitsu Kitayama, a priest of Sakuragi Shrine, said, "I hope you will see the cherry blossoms in full bloom in October and feel even a little more gorgeous."