[Explanation] A few days ago, on the most prosperous Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street in Changsha, a spicy strip museum was built on the Internet to arouse the curiosity of "foodies" and attract many tourists to queue up to check in.

On November 6th, the reporter visited here admiringly, tracing the past and present of La Tiao.

  Entering the La Tiao Museum, the first thing to show is the origin of La Tiao—invented by the people of Pingjiang, Hunan in 1998; next are some well-known La Tiao companies founded by Pingjiang people in the country, and the industry layout of La Tiao with 58 billion yuan. And more than 200,000 employees; further inside, you can see the main raw materials for the production of spicy strips-flour, edible oil and soaked pepper and pepper oil, as well as the real-time monitoring screen of the non-dead corners of the pharmaceutical-grade production workshop of spicy strips.

  [Concurrent] Li Manliang, Director of Spicy Tiao Museum

  The main purpose of building this spicy strip museum is to show our (Hunan) Pingjiang spicy strips, some basic information of the entire industry, so that consumers can get a close understanding of the production and processing process, technology, and testing equipment and technical means of spicy strips. , Can safely consume spicy strips.

  [Explanation] Li Manliang, executive vice chairman of Hunan Pingjiang Food Industry Association and curator of Spicy Tiao Museum, introduced that, in fact, all the kitchen seasonings are used in the production of Spicy Tiao. After the production is completed, it must undergo hygiene, taste, softness and hardness. It can be marketed only after a series of tests such as degrees.

  Li Manliang said that moving the spicy strip production line from the factory to the stage to display it was to justify the name of the spicy strip and allay consumers' concerns.

In the 10 days since the trial operation to the official opening, the Latiao Museum has received nearly 100,000 visitors who came to check in.

  [Concurrent] Li Manliang, Director of Spicy Tiao Museum

  So after the demonstration, we also want to let consumers know that spicy strips are not junk food, spicy strips are safe and healthy, and spicy strips are made of flour.

Then flour is the main raw material for spicy noodles, and (flour) is the main ingredient in the north.

  Reporter Xu Zhixiong reports from Changsha

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]