SERIELAND - "Lovecraft country" on OCS, "Two weeks to live" on Amazon Prime, "La Révolution" on Netflix: the SERIELAND team is offering you this week a selection of series with disaster, survivalist or post-apocalyptic scenarios.


We are betting that you take advantage of this new confinement to watch even more series.

To accompany you, the SERIELAND team concocts a selection of series for you every week to escape, laugh, reassure you or… tremble a little more.

For this first week of reconfinement, we invite you to dive straight into the disaster scenario.

An immersion that we wish you cathartic!

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The 3 series that have just been released ...

Two weeks to live 

An offbeat drama, imbued with black humor against a backdrop of apocalyptic speech.

With, in the cast, Maisy Williams, star actress of Game of Thrones.

The series begins in the middle of the forest where a teenage girl, Kim (Maisy Williams therefore) lives with her mother.

They spend their days hunting, handling weapons and learning to survive.

One day, Kim decides to leave and to emancipate himself.

She leaves the forest to face the world, a world to which she is ultimately not very adapted. 

1 season, 6 episodes (25 minutes) available on Mycanal since October 15


It is THE apocalyptic fiction par excellence.

It tells the story of a bunch of fans of a strange comic called "Dystopia", who realize that the theories evoked in the comic arise in real life.

Everything changes when they discover a sequel, called "Utopia", which could prevent future catastrophes.

They are then pursued by ruthless assassins.

A bluffing fiction, with a magnificent photograph in which every detail is worked.

2 seasons, 6 episodes (55 minutes) available on Amazon Prime Video since October 30


It's a series that mixes police investigation and fantasy.

For no apparent reason, men and women ignite, victims of spontaneous combustion.

Then begins an investigation where two heroes dented by life will meet: a young journalist and a psychiatrist ... SERIELAND talks about it in more detail in a big interview with the director Arnaud Malherbe.

To listen to the podcast, click here. 

1 season, 6 episodes (55 minutes) available on since October 22

The (post) apocalyptic series ...

The collapse 

Troubling realism, this drama sets the scene on what awaits us if our civilization collapses.

It is inspired by the theses carried by collapsologists.

Everything happens in France, everyone tries to survive while food and gasoline are scarce.

A series that deals with the collapse from all angles and which is reminiscent of the first confinement with the rush on packages of spaghetti and toilet paper ... Small bonus: each episode of this series is shot in the background - sequence!

1 season, 8 episodes (15 minutes) available on Mycanal since November 2019 

War of the Worlds

In this historical fantasy series, almost all of humanity is destroyed.

What remains of it is facing an alien invasion.

An entertaining, gripping series, which is an adaptation of the science fiction novel by Herbert George Wells published in 1898. It is this same novel that Orson Welles had adapted in 1938 on the radio and which had, according to legend, spread panic in the United States, with listeners believing that it was all true ...

1 season, 8 episodes (50 minutes) available on Mycanal since October 2019


A dystopian thriller where the world has become a vast frozen expanse.

Scientists have tried an experiment to overcome global warming.

There are only a few human refugees left on a train that goes around the world perpetually.

The rich in the lead cars and the poor at the other end.

Exciting entertainment that takes you on an endless journey where the class struggle and injustices between survivors are exacerbated. 

1 season, 10 episodes (45 minutes) available on Netflix since May 2020

Epidemics, always epidemics ...

To the lake 

This chilling sci-fi thriller takes place in Moscow, where a mysterious virus spreads and causes death in just a few hours.

There is no more electricity, there are very few people still alive.

Deadly virus, containment: for some, the series predicted the arrival of the coronavirus!

Even Stephen King publicly recommended on Twitter to watch this series ...

TO THE LAKE, a pretty darn good Russian series on Netflix.

Four things to know:

1. There's a plague.

2. There's lots of snow and cold (Russia, stupid).

3. Everybody drinks vodka.

4. Weak-ass spoiler alert: the little kid is a pain in the ass.

- Stephen King (@StephenKing) October 11, 2020

1 season, 8 episodes (50 minutes) available on Netflix since October 7

The revolution 

It's a series that plays with history.

It takes place at the end of the 18th century while a mysterious virus spreads within the aristocracy.

A fantastic story against a backdrop of pre-revolutionary France: a style that the directors of French series had not explored until then ... We also discover women and men eager for power.

And greedy creatures, they, of fresh flesh. 

To take a look behind the scenes, watch our big interview with director Aurélien Molas and actor Lionel Erdogan: 

This great interview is also available as a podcast by clicking here.

1 season, 8 episodes (45 minutes) available on Netflix since October 16

Zombies and monsters ...

Lovecraft Country 

We follow the course of three African-American characters on a road trip in the heart of America in the 1950s. They meet monsters and humans, all shaped by the prevailing racism of the United States of the time.

A political fiction highly recommended by Eva Roque and Nadège Beausson-Diagne to whom SERIELAND devoted a great interview.

To go further on the representation of racialized people in the series, listen to our SERIELAND interview with Nadège Beausson-Diagne:

To listen to this episode in podcast, click here. 

1 season, 10 episodes (60 minutes) available on OCS since August 2020

The Walking Dead 

The series, with multiple distinctions since 2010, is undoubtedly the best horror fiction of recent years!

The storyline is inexhaustible, even after 9 seasons and two spin-offs, viewers remain stuck.

The starting pitch?

An epidemic devastates human beings, they become living dead ... The population is gradually transformed into zombies.

You have something to take care of, two new seasons will be released by 2022. The brand has become so strong that video games have even been released bearing the effigy of The Walking Dead.

9 seasons of 6 episodes (45 minutes) available on Netflix since 2010

And one day everything changes ...

Years and Years 

Anxiety is the word.

The plot of this British dystopia with Emma Thompson and Russell Tovey is totally topical, she follows a family closely after a hard Brexit.

The scenario goes until 2030 in the midst of crises, wars, but everything remains realistic.

A very human series because it is centered on a family.

It is quite simply one of the best series of 2019.

1 season, 6 episodes (55 minutes) available on Mycanal since May 2019

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