Jeroen van Inkel has been working for NPO Radio 2 since October, the station where his former

Stenders & Van Inkel

colleague Rob Stenders also works.

A reunion is possible, but

Van Inkel says



that he is unsure about it.

"We are indeed back on the same channel, so maybe we can do that again. In any case, it seems great fun, but I am also a bit hesitant. Are people still waiting for us? Of course we used to be rebellious and recalcitrant. But to still be - as two middle-aged men - that is getting a bit pathetic. So we need to find a new modus operandi that works. ”

Stenders and Van Inkel could be heard together on Radio 3 (the predecessor of NPO 3FM) between 1987 and 1991.

The duo was formed after Stenders succeeded Adam Curry.

Although Van Inkel is not sure whether he will still matter as a duo with Stenders, he is convinced that he is still relevant as a DJ.

"The fact that I'm now allowed to work at NPO Radio 2 has answered this question with a resounding yes. Otherwise they wouldn't have asked me for this job."

The 59-year-old presenter can look back on an impressive career, but still has reasons to be jealous of his colleagues, such as Mattie Valk of Qmusic.

"I'm not necessarily jealous of his success, but I am jealous of his youth. He's

the new kid on the block

. He's the brand new disc jockey with his own style who still has a whole career ahead of him."