October 2020 is in the vein of the months which preceded it on the shutter of the temperatures by having been particularly hot.



October, which has just ended, is in line with the months which preceded it with regard to surface air temperatures.

It was indeed particularly hot this year.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service, the European Union's Earth observation program, said Thursday that "Europe had its hottest October on record."

Third hottest month of October globally

"Temperatures were" significantly above average in the East, but below average in the Southwest, "he explains.

So much for Europe.

On the other hand, if September 2020 was the hottest month of September [that counts!] On record in the world, this is not the case of October 2020. It still climbs on the third step, indicates Copernicus who specifies that it "differed only marginally from the fourth, fifth and sixth hottest months of October".

The hottest six months of October on record in the world have been in the past six years.

Smallest mean extent of sea ice

Copernicus also gives an update this Thursday on the ice level in October 2020. The Arctic experienced its lowest average extent of sea ice last month since the start of satellite measurements in 1979. October was also the last month. fourth consecutive month without or near ice along the North Sea route.

Across the globe, Antarctica experienced a second month in October in which sea ice expanded above average, after 48 consecutive months of below average extent.


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