Joe Biden supporters in New York on November 4, 2020 -

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Joe Biden big favorite, but Donald Trump does not surrender

The name of the winner of the American presidential election is starting to take shape more and more… But nothing has yet been completely done.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden confirmed his


to the Midwest by winning, according to US media projections, Wisconsin and Michigan.

On paper, the Democratic candidate now points to 253 voters, with a wide open road to the majority in the electoral college (270 votes).

But Donald Trump filed lawsuits to suspend the count in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, where there were still many postal votes to be counted, and demanded a recount in Wisconsin.

We must therefore still wait.

"We must not continue like that" ... PSG on the brink of the abyss in C1

After the heavy defeat of Marseille on Tuesday evening, the French clubs still had a very bad evening on Wednesday in the Champions League.

While leading in the score, PSG finally lost on the lawn of Leipzig (2-1) on the third day of the competition.

The Parisians, who made a very good start, sank after the German equalizer came just before half-time.

With its three small points, PSG is in a very bad position at the end of this first leg of the hens.

For Rennes it is not better.

Weighted down by an arbitration decision, the Bretons were severely beaten by Chelsea (3-0).

Here too, qualifying will be very difficult.

Emmanuel Macron defends secularism in France in the Financial Times

Emmanuel Macron published

a column

in the

Financial Times

on Wednesday evening

to explain that “France is fighting against Islamist separatism, never against Islam”.

This letter to the British daily is in fact a response to an article published on Monday but since withdrawn from the site, in which he says he is “accused of stigmatizing French Muslims for electoral purposes;

worse, to maintain a climate of fear and suspicion towards them ”.

The president thus explains once again that France is under attack for its values, secularism, freedom of expression and that it "will not give up anything".


Trump's election claims 'unfounded', OSCE says


Good news (maybe) for PSG, Manchester United lose to Basaksehir

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