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  • A viral post announcing the closing dates for Disneyland Paris is circulating on social networks.

    Internet users believed to read the date of the end of the confinement, as well as that of a possible third.

  • These dates actually testify to the desire of the amusement park to be able to welcome the public again during the next Christmas holidays.

  • Unpublished fact, it will close in January to anticipate low attendance due to the coronavirus epidemic, but not because of a third confinement of which its officials would have been exclusively informed.

What if Disneyland Paris

Did you know in advance the end date of the second confinement that entered into force in France to fight against the spread of the coronavirus?

In any case, this is what many Internet users wanted to believe when they discovered a visual widely shared on Facebook and Twitter announcing the reopening of the amusement park for December 19.

This visual, sometimes accompanied by comments such as "thank you Disney for your support to the government", does not come from the theme park's communication but from ED92, a site run by fans of the Disney universe.

If the dates announced are correct, they do not however reveal the dates of deconfinement and a possible third confinement.

A visual of ED92, massively shared, suggests that Disneyland knows the end date of the current confinement.

- Facebook


Disneyland Paris, which closed its doors on October 29 when the second lockdown came into effect, announced that "in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, reservations remain open for stays from December 19 to January 3".

But this is not information on the date of deconfinement, as the park specifies in a press release: “We hope to be open during this period, if the conditions are met and government decisions allow it.

The lockdown is currently in effect until December 1, 2020, the government said.

This opening of reservations therefore represents Disneyland's hope of welcoming the public again during the Christmas holidays.

A commercial strategy also adopted by Futuroscope or Parc Astérix, which opened their reservations over the same period, the latter specifying that "the opening of the park (…) remains subject to government decisions".

A third confinement?

As for the closure period in January and February mentioned by Disneyland from January 4 to February 12, 2021, it does not refer to a third confinement.

As Disneyland Paris specifies




"this is a period during which attendance, after the Christmas peak, is generally low", which therefore conditioned this second closure, in a context of travel restrictions in many countries to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.


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Coronavirus: "What a joy to be by your side" ... Disneyland Paris reopens its doors

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