Evictions are suspended during the winter break (illustration).


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The winter break begins this Sunday, November 1 and must end on March 31, 2021. During this period, eviction procedures are suspended even if the tenant does not pay his rent, explains

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The owners can initiate proceedings but they must wait until the end of the truce so that the procedure can resume and be executed by a bailiff.

However, there are exceptions.

The winter break does not apply to people benefiting from rehousing corresponding to their family needs and to occupants of a building subject to a peril decree.

Squatters who occupy accommodation illegally are also not protected.

No power cut

In addition, as the service-public site specifies, "the principle of the winter break has been extended to gas and electricity cuts".

During this five-month period, suppliers cannot therefore cut off the power supply even in the event of non-payment.

Note that a free number “SOS unpaid rent” has been set up by the National Agency for Housing Information.

It is aimed at both owners and tenants.

Due to the crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the 2020 winter truce had been exceptionally extended until July 10.


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