Tokyo Metropolitan Government New Corona Inspection Capacity Expanded to a maximum of about 65,000 per day October 30, 16:14

In preparation for the simultaneous epidemic with influenza, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will significantly expand the testing capacity of the new coronavirus to a maximum of about 65,000 cases a day, and specialize in anticipating that the number of patients complaining of symptoms such as fever will increase. We have decided to strengthen the consultation and consultation system by opening a consultation center in Tokyo.

On the 30th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters for the new coronavirus with the attendance of executives, and summarized the response policy in preparation for the simultaneous epidemic with influenza.

According to this, by the beginning of December, the testing capacity for the new coronavirus will be significantly expanded to a maximum of about 65,000 cases per day.

On top of that, the city has decided to strengthen the consultation and consultation system, assuming that the number of patients who complain of fever and other symptoms will increase in the future.

First of all, in addition to establishing a mechanism to consult with your family doctor by telephone, those who do not have a family doctor or who have been notified by the contact confirmation app can consult with the medical institution posted on the homepage of the local medical association. You will be introduced to medical institutions through the newly established "Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center".

The consultation center will open at 5 pm on the 30th and will be available 24 hours a day, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

The phone number for people with fever and other symptoms is 03-5320-4592.

The person who receives the notification from the contact confirmation app will be given the phone number in the app.

In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has hired about 100 public health nurses and nurses who are in charge of investigating infection routes in order to strengthen support from health centers and prepare for the rapid increase in infection in the future, and will place them at support bases from mid-November. I also decided to do it.

Governor Koike "Considering inspection demand due to influenza epidemic"

At a press conference, Governor Koike of Tokyo said, "In addition to the demand for testing for the new coronavirus, we set it in consideration of the demand for testing for fever patients due to the influenza epidemic. Appropriate testing even if many fever patients occur. We will secure a system that allows us to do so. Regarding the testing system, we will proceed with combined techniques such as promoting the use of antigen qualitative testing using a simple kit. "

"Every year, January to February is the influenza epidemic season. Toward that end, we will expand the testing system in cooperation with related organizations so that necessary tests can be carried out promptly, and the transportation of samples will be smooth. We will proceed so that we can do it. "