Another terrorist act in France is the beginning of the destruction of bourgeois France and Europe, which naively thought about a general liberal world, where one is allowed everything, while others are not.

At about 9:00 am on Thursday, the terrorist calmly entered a church in the center of Nice and killed three parishioners within half an hour.

The police, who arrived half an hour later, were able to neutralize the terrorist, but France was already shocked and actually brought to its knees.

What happened to good, old France, which has been trying in recent years to show its liberalism, its desire and ability to live in peace with all religions, with all confessions?

It would be a big mistake to believe that only the editors of the notorious Charlie Hebdo magazine are to blame for the wave of terror.

Although, undoubtedly, a trigger for a number of terrorist attacks in France, starting with the terrible terrorist attack in Nice, were, among other things, the magazine's cartoons, in which images holy to Muslims were ridiculed in an unacceptable way.

If we remember that in this "free" society, along with the ability to offend other religions, there are millions of refugees who consider such freedom a blasphemy, then it is clear that sooner or later a bloody denouement was bound to happen.

A refugee who has recently been kindly received in the country, shouting "Allahu akbar!"

calmly committed his terrorist act.

It is easiest to write off everything that happened on his dense religiosity, mixed with fanaticism.

Although this cannot be denied.

"France today together with our Catholic fellow citizens," - said Macron, having arrived at the scene of the crime.

With your Catholic fellow citizens?

Since when have citizens been divided according to religion?

This is the tragic and dramatic mistake of the ideologists of multiculturalism - the attempt to combine the secular and the religious ended in drama.

When inviting a person of a different faith to your country, you need to clearly understand how long it will take for him to adapt in a bourgeois and incomprehensible society.

The naive belief that every refugee will be grateful to France, and perhaps specifically to President Macron, is criminal.

The attempt to create a society of general prosperity, in which everyone a priori will love and respect the other, ended in failure.

And not least because modern society allowed everything.

Same-sex marriage, confusion of the concept of gender, insults to religious feelings - all this has become the norm of today's bourgeois.

Returning to the aforementioned magazine, one cannot but recall that all these years the authors of the magazine continued to write and draw what caused a deep protest among Muslims.

It was only a matter of time before the silent protest turned into another terrorist act.

And this despite the fact that internal protests were actively provoked from the outside.

The rhetoric of, for example, Turkish President Erdogan provocatively incites hatred of Muslims towards Christians and Christians towards Muslims.

Cem Ozdemir, a well-known representative of the Green Party in Germany, openly accused Recep Erdogan of supporting Islamic terror in Europe.

“President Erdogan is pouring oil on the fire and is also responsible for the violence and terror in Europe.

We must oppose those who use Islam for their own purposes, ”a German politician told Die Welt in his commentary.

While the whole world was looking in horror at what was happening in France, in the small town of Kempen in Germany, an unknown person drove into a crowd of people by car.

One person died, two were seriously injured.

Is it a terrorist act?

German police have refrained from commenting, but fears that the French terror will overwhelm Germany are growing in the public.

The case of a terrorist attack on the Christmas market several years ago has not yet been fully investigated.

A year ago, there was a terrorist attack at a synagogue in the city of Galle.

According to many experts in the field of terrorism, in Germany alone, there are tens of thousands of people who can be ranked as potential terrorists.

But the authorities in Germany, as well as in France, continue to look at what is happening through rose-colored glasses.

Politicians believe that by appeasing the radicals, the terrorist threat can be destroyed.

However, no measures are being taken to prevent provocations and inter-religious insults.

In France, they say they will continue to insist on freedom of speech, which means that offensive cartoons may again appear on sale in the media.

German politicians believe that the problem can be solved by working with Muslim associations.

Such associations must understand that they are obliged to live according to the laws of the country they came to.

A naive and dangerous delusion.

Not all religious fanatics are refugees, many of them were born in Europe and consider themselves Europeans.

France received the bill for its naivety and desire to be kind to everyone.

You cannot simultaneously allow everything from gay marriage to insult other religions and require others to respond with understanding.

There will be no understanding.

Europe is experiencing the beginning of the collapse of multiculturalism.

If this is not realized, then a wave of terrorist acts will sweep the continent.

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