Until now reserved for television channels, the obligation to finance French creation will be extended to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Disney +.

In exchange, they will be able to broadcast films more quickly after their release.

Streaming services, future fundraisers of French creation: the government has unveiled a draft decree that will force Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Disney + to devote 20 to 25% of their turnover in France to French creation, and more precisely to the production of films and series.

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This decree is the transposition of a European directive and makes it possible to rebalance the rights and obligations of television channels on the one hand and platforms on the other.

Today, channels have the obligation to devote a significant part of their revenue to creation, an obligation to which streaming players were not subject until now.

New consultations with channels

In return for these investments, platforms will be able to broadcast films much earlier than today.

Currently, it is impossible for Netflix, for example, to offer a film to its subscribers less than three years after its theatrical release.

This delay will decrease and the more platforms invest, the shorter the delay will be.

Roselyne Bachelot detailed her project in the columns of

Echoes on


The minister announced in passing that new consultations would now be launched with TV channels, so that they have the same obligations, but also the same rights, as the streaming giants.