If they invest heavily in new digital media to address the French, especially the youngest, politicians have not really adapted their communication, according to Stéphane Fouks.

The communicator, vice-president of Havas, believes Friday on Europe 1 that they should use more emotion in their messages.


This is a major trend in political communication: more and more leaders of all parties are investing in new digital media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok or even Snapchat.

However, is the essay transformed and their communication rejuvenated?

"It is not because you choose a medium which is new, that your communication is modern", criticizes Stéphane Fouks, specialist in political communication, vice-president of Havas Group and guest of Europe 1, Friday morning.

No creativity?

Politicians are fond of these new distribution channels.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has thus distinguished himself with videos on Twitch, a video game streaming platform, while Emmanuel Macron regularly uses Instagram to convey his messages.

"What strikes me is the ability of politicians to make the essay their primary mode of communication", analyzes the expert, author of 

Media Pandemic, Com Crisis and Com Crisis

(Plon editions).

"They do not communicate by image, nor by emotions and even less by creativity."


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In the program

Culture Médias

, Stéphane Fouks believes that there was "the best" in the intervention of Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday, with "small sentences which came to underline the decisions or the important moments of the speech".

But according to him, "this little improvement is so far removed from communication that we have all seen on social networks, on television, wherever modernity and creativity are expressed".

Work on a short message

The communicator goes further: "It is time for politicians to unbridle a little, not to get on the table, but simply to have a communication that can hold the attention of the public and convey something other than cold reasoning" , he underlines, asking for "emotion".

"In a world of images where television can be listened to with the eyes, speaking only with the mouth is a mistake." 

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And to those who feel that it is not possible to send messages in a 15 second Instagram story or a 280 character tweet, Stéphane Fouks replies that "we send all kinds of messages in a very short time ".

"The shorter it is, the more it takes to be creative and the more it takes to work. The long time, the dissertation with 'thesis, antithesis, synthesis', sorry, but that's the art of lazy people. C' is so much easier to go long than to go short. "