Recently, the abuse of a 6-year-old girl by her mother and her boyfriend in Fushun, Liaoning Province, has aroused widespread concern.

On October 30, the Propaganda Department of the Fushun Municipal Party Committee exclusively responded to the CCTV reporters of the headquarters.

  It is understood that the victim girl Tong Moumou, 6 years old, of Han nationality, lives in Nanyang Road, Xinfu District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province.

Defendant Chen Mouwei (the victim's mother boyfriend), born in 1986, Han nationality, junior high school education, no occupation, was sentenced to two years in prison for robbery, and was released in 2006.

The defendant Liu Mouyan (mother of the victim girl), born in 1986, Han nationality, technical secondary school education, no occupation.

  At 18:00 on the evening of May 28, 2020, the public security agency received a report from residents of the jurisdiction that a girl had been abused. The public security agency immediately took the case and arrested Chen Mouwei and Liu Mouyan in the early morning of May 29 and took criminal action. Detention compulsory measures.

According to the judicial appraisal department, the injured girl’s injuries included one serious injury, multiple minor injuries, and one minor injury.

The public security agency applied for arrest for Chen Mouwei and Liu Mouyan on suspicion of abuse.

The procuratorate decided to approve the arrest of Chen Mouwei and Liu Mouyan on suspicion of abuse.

  On September 8, the procuratorial organs filed a public prosecution with Chen Mouwei and Liu Mouyan for the crime of intentional injury and abuse. The court filed the case on the same day.

  On September 30, the court commissioned an appraisal agency to appraise the injury level of the victimized girl.

  On October 18, the appraisal agency issued an opinion: 1 disability of grade 7, 2 disability of 9 degree, and 1 disability of grade 10 (relevant content has been disclosed online).

  The court is preparing for the next stage of the trial.

According to the case involving infringement by the guardian, the guardian of the victim has changed facts and is under the care of his father.

  The Fushun Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government set up a working group to convene 6 work promotion meetings to find out the situation, actively assist, pay attention to treatment, psychological intervention, and punish criminals severely and quickly in accordance with the law.

  Find out the situation further.

On October 24, the Women’s Federation of Xinfu District, Fushun City, in collaboration with the local party committee and other relevant departments, went to the victim’s home to learn about the situation.

The initial treatment has cost more than 70,000 yuan, the girl herself has participated in the resident medical insurance, and the medical insurance has been reimbursed for 23,000 yuan. The next treatment cost cannot be accurately predicted.

Xinfu District arranges a special person to keep in touch with family members, and regularly asks if there are real life difficulties, and if there are difficulties, they will coordinate and solve them as soon as possible.

  Follow up follow-up treatment.

According to the understanding of Xinfu District, the current treatment is mainly based on home care and rehabilitation measures supplemented by counseling by psychological counselors.

The Fushun Municipal Health Commission assigns experts to understand the condition on the spot, and the experts study and formulate treatment plans: one is to apply medicine to the scar of burns and scalds, and then two sets of corsets are customized to inhibit scar formation; the other is to decide whether to form scars after one year. Carry out follow-up scar resection and skin grafting; third, regular review of femoral neck fractures, regular consultation and treatment; fourth, rehabilitation under the guidance of doctors.

The medical insurance department completes the settlement of the incurred referral and hospitalization expenses.

  Conduct psychological counseling.

Fushun City Women’s Federation docked two psychological counselors to start psychological counseling services for the victimized girls and their families.

  Carry out legal aid.

The Judicial Bureau of Fushun City arranged special personnel to understand the case and guide the development of legal aid work.

The District Justice Bureau provides legal aid and lawyers, pays attention to the progress of case handling, and helps victims and their families defend their rights in accordance with the law.

  Protect children's privacy.

Xinfu District appoints a special person to take charge and carry out work independently to avoid leakage and proliferation in the third link. When cooperating with other departments, it adopts a one-line contact method and suspends visits to care by neighborhood and community departments to prevent leakage of specific information.

  Organize assistance and assistance.

The relevant departments of Fushun City initiated temporary relief measures, and the civil affairs, justice, various departments, groups, and caring persons donated a total of more than 146,000 yuan.

According to the Internet, social donations have reached 2.43 million, and family members have issued a statement that they will no longer accept donations.

  In the next step, the local court and procuratorate in Fushun will speed up the trial of cases and punish criminals severely and quickly in accordance with law.

The Fushun Municipal Health Commission will organize relevant medical experts to formulate follow-up treatment and rehabilitation work plans, and organize implementation after soliciting opinions from family members.

Fushun Women's Federation continued to provide psychological counseling services.

The Xinfu District Government implements the main responsibility and assigns special personnel to follow up the dynamics and help solve problems at any time.

At the same time, work under the premise of protecting the privacy of children, comprehensively considering the physical condition of the children, and hope that all units, departments and insiders will strictly implement the confidentiality regulations, not to disclose the children’s current address and other private information, and to minimize the individual condolences. Take photos and videos to avoid secondary damage.

(China Central Television reporter Li Chengze)