Several political figures, therefore Marine Le Pen, reacted to the knife attack in Nice this Thursday, October 29.



Following the knife attack in Nice which left three people dead, several political figures spoke out.

The former President of the Republic François Hollande thus declared that “once again Nice is struck by barbarism, once again France is attacked by Islamist terrorism.

Democracy is our weapon, it will always be the strongest against its enemies ”.

He then addressed his solidarity "to the families of the victims and to all Christians".

In the party of La République en Marche, Eric Ciotti, the first deputy mayor of Nice affirmed that “for the first time since the occupation, France is no longer free!

Our country is at war, we are at war!

”For his part, the President of the Senate Gérard Larcher called for a“ strong ”reaction and not to give in.

“Let's assert our identity, let's defend our democracy step by step.

A sincere thought to families, to the police and to all the people of Nice ”.

"There is only the barbaric madness of a fanatic pack"

Among the socialists, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo declared that the mayor LR of Nice, Christian Estrosi, could "count on the support of the City of Paris".

“Nice, Avignon, Jeddah, we are facing a wave of coordinated attacks by radical Islamists.

There are no lone wolves, there is only the barbaric madness of a fanatic pack.

We will face.

The Republic and democracy will not bend, ”said PS national secretary Olivier Faure.

“Our total determination and our intransigence in the face of terrorism and radical Islamism,” said MEP Europe Ecology-The Greens Yannick Jadot.

The national secretary of the party Julien Bayou, said he was "moved by this new attack".

“My thoughts are with the victims, their loved ones and the Catholics who are preparing for All Saints' Day.

As appalling as this act is, don't let fear or hate divide us.


"They must be put out of harm's way"

Marine Le Pen, president of the National Assembly in the Assembly, declared that we could not "be satisfied with denouncing terrorism".

"We must put them out of legal harm's way, thanks to the rule of law, thanks to specific legislation that would be voted on here in the National Assembly, but we do not have the feeling that the government has become aware of this situation ”she suggested.

The president of Debout la France, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, for his part called for triggering "the state of security emergency with strong measures to finally wage the war against Islamism on our soil!"


The leader of La France insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon expressed a "thought of distressed compassion for the victims of the Nice attack" and "emotional solidarity with the Catholics of France".

"The terrorists want chaos, do not offer them our divisions," LFI deputy François Ruffin recalled.

"We are under attack for what we are"

“The same barbaric ideology that is waging war on us and on whom we owe it to while remaining united.

In recent days in the Muslim world, those who like Erdogan call for hatred of France are creating this climate of war!

Let’s resist, ”said Jean-Christophe Lagarde, president of the UDI.

Former Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called to remain “united and determined with all our might to face the threat of Islamist terrorism on our country”.

The other former Prime Minister Manuel Valls gave his support to the families of the victims, to the Catholics and declared: “We are under attack for what we are, France, a democratic country, a free republic, a tolerant civilization.



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