NHK Taiga drama "Idaten" etc. at Tokyo Drama Awards October 29, 22:17

This year's "Tokyo Drama Award" was announced to commend outstanding dramas in Japan, and NHK's taiga drama "Idaten-Tokyo Olimpic Story-" was selected for the Grand Prix in the Best Picture / Serial Drama category.

The Tokyo Drama Award is an award established by NHK and the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan to commend not only the quality of works but also TV dramas that are likely to be sold overseas, based on the concept of "Japanese dramas that we want to show to the world."

The award ceremony was held in Minato-ku, Tokyo on the night of the 29th, and in the series drama section of the Best Picture Award, NHK's taiga drama "Idaten-Tokyo Olimpic Story-", which was broadcast last year, was selected as the Grand Prix.

At the award ceremony, one of the leading actors, Kankuro Nakamura, took the stage and said, "I'm glad that this work has become a treasure for a lifetime."

In addition, NHK's "This does not fall due to expenses!", In which Mikako Tabe played the leading role, was selected for the Excellence Award in the serial drama category.

Mr. Tabe recalls, "The role I played is a character who says,'This won't cost you money!', But I remember being charming and lovable, and having a lot of fun every day." Sari Ito, who played the role of a junior and won the Best Supporting Actress Award of the Individual Award, said, "Since Mr. Tabe and his colleagues gave me advice and played, I think it was a role that everyone created. I will. "

On the other hand, in the one-shot drama category of the Best Picture Award, Fuji TV's "Kyojo" was selected for the Grand Prix, and NHK's "Stranger in Shanghai-Ryunosuke Akutagawa-" was selected for the Excellence Award.