The driver who was involved in a failed raid on René van der Gijp in April has been sentenced to twelve months in prison, of which three months probation.

The 21-year-old Ryan van V. was found guilty by the court of Rotterdam on Thursday.

Van V. drove three robbers from Ridderkerk to Van der Gijp's house in Dordrecht on 27 April.

The twenties said he did not know that the three would rob the 59-year-old football analyst, but the judge thinks that Van V. could have known.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) previously demanded a prison sentence of 24 months, of which four months suspended.

The judge will not go along with the sentence, because he thinks there was no home robbery.

The OM based its requirement on the guidelines that apply to home robberies.

Van der Gijp arrived at his house around 10.30 pm on the evening in question when the three began to hit his car windows with hammers.

The former professional football player, who came back from a

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, managed to escape by driving in reverse.

Van V. was arrested by the police in June.

During the substantive hearing of the case two weeks ago, he expressed his regret.

"I should never have done it", a reporter from

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him at the session.

"I've been very stupid. It's quite intense when you see and hear it like that."

The man has also been convicted of his involvement in an attempted theft from a home in Krimpen aan den IJssel on May 22.

The 21-year-old man also played as a driver in this case.

The home robbery failed because the robbers were caught by the occupant of the house.