On the set of Askip -

Cecile Mella / France Télévisions

  • “Askip” is a series from France.tv, which tells the daily life of teenagers in college.

  • "20 Minutes" was able to slip into the shoot, and even do a little extra.

  • Every day, 30 to 70 young extras take part in the filming of the series.

How, journalist at

20 Minutes

, did I find myself giving the reply to one of Askip's heroes, decked out in a fireman's costume (much too small for me)?

I'll tell you.

At Newen, the company that produces this series for France.tv, I was offered to intervene on the set, at the Lycée Juliot-Curie, in Sète (Hérault).

And to do, on occasion, a little figuration on the series.

A small profession, which, since the shootings of soap operas multiply in the Hérault, is experiencing a real boom.

"And we have a firefighter costume for you!"

», One slips me.

First love, harassment ...

Broadcast on the Okoo platform,


, produced by Capa Drama, tells the daily life of teenagers in a college.

We cause first love, harassment, grossophobia ... And we laugh a lot.

On Wednesday, one of the two film crews put in a box an episode where the students participate in a "crossroads of trades".

They come to meet airplane pilots, a welder, a policeman… and a firefighter.

And here I am trying to put on a blue and red suit, which I know is way too small for me.

I forget the pants, I just put on the sweater, crop top style, and I put on my cap.

“You are perfect!

», Assures me Benoît Masocco, the (very sympathetic) creator and director of the series.

On the set, about fifteen extras are already in place.

It works hard, but the atmosphere is very warm.

The firefighter, basically, is me.

- Cecile Mella / France Televisions

“It's fun, and we get paid!


Every day, the production calls on 30 to 70 extras, mainly young people, some of whom are educated in the high school where the series is filmed.

"We sometimes renew the extras, but it is often the same ones that come back from season to season," notes the director.

It's nice for us, because we see young people we like, and above all, they know how a shoot is going.

And in the image, even if they are silent roles, they are faces that the viewer is used to seeing.


It's already running.

Between takes, we chat, masked, with Elliot and Simon, two 17-year-old extras, of which this is not the first appearance on the screen.

Like the others, they sent an email, with photos, to present their candidacy.

And since then, they come back, very regularly, during the holidays, to shoot in the series.

"That's a little pocket money," says Elliot, "passionate" about this job.

"It's a great experience," resumes his comrade.

Bilal, also an extra, did not "know this environment at all" before filming for


“I like it a lot,” he says.

And it keeps me busy!

Instead of staying at my house or hanging out with the friends.

It's fun, and we get paid, it's great!

And I discovered behind the scenes.

"I didn't know that you had to shoot the scenes so many times, on lots of different angles," Audrey wonders.

On the set of the Askip series - Cecile Mella / France Télévisions

"We are a family"

The camera approaches us.

I must exchange a few words with Gabriel Caballero, who plays the role of Maxime, one of the stars of the France.tv program.

His character is indeed convinced that the firefighter outfit appeals to girls, and would like to steal it from me.

Out of the question that I give up so easily a costume that I had so much trouble putting on!

I improvise a few facial expressions, I stammer two words.

We redo it several times.

The director seems conquered.

"But are you really a firefighter?"

», A young extra.

“No, I'm a journalist,” I say.

" Ah yes !

And how do you manage to be a war reporter?

It's a dream !

», He exclaims.

Others tell me that this vacation job made them want to be an actor.

For them, the door is not closed.

On the contrary.

“Several of them go through castings for roles, some have even gone quite far in the process,” explains Benoît Masocco.

Someone who is motivated, who has proposals to make as an extra, is someone who can, why not, be a good actor.


The filming ends.

The episode is expected to air by the end of the year, or in January.

For the other extras and actors, there are still a few days of shooting.

Then it will be time to say goodbye.

"It's very moving every time, we are a family," says the director.

But we know we'll meet again for the next vacation!




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