Presenter and singer Henny Huisman, who can

be seen


A program about the nineties

from Thursday

, says that he did not experience that decade very consciously.

"It was a fun and successful time, but still a lot passed me by", the 69-year-old television personality tells

"I was living in a kind of intoxication."

"Although I hate people who talk about intoxication," he continues.

"That sounds so fierce and I don't mean it like that. What I mean is that I always kept going. Of course I knew there was a war in Bosnia, but it still passed me a bit because of the many shows I went to. was busy."

With his contribution to the new VPRO program, Huisman returns to the broadcaster where he made his television debut in 1975 with his band Lucifer.

In his own words, his role in

A program about the nineties is


"They call me 'the historical conscience' of the program."

Huisman is literally taken out of the refrigerator at the beginning of every episode to tell about the nineties, while presenter Marijn Frank interviews all the guests in the program.

Topics such as eroticism, eurodance, gabbers and the Bosnian Civil War are discussed.

'We are not in the top 25'

Huisman is not concerned about the viewing figures.

"I don't expect the program to make it into the top 25, it's just really a VPRO history program. We also often joked about it when something went wrong. Then I said: 'What a pity for those 22,000 viewers."

According to the presenter, the program is interesting for different generations.

"For the younger generation it is a kind of history lesson. The older generation, on the other hand, will recognize things and think: hey, that was the case."

'The music used to be better'

Huisman does not agree with the cliché that everything used to be better.

“My mother always talks about 'the good old days'. Then I remind her of the single glass that was always cold inside and the coal stove. If we were two bags of coal short, I had to go on a bike with new briquettes on the back. the whole bike would go back and forth because of the weight, very dangerous. "

According to Huisman, the music used to be better.

"Better songs were being made in my day. I grew up with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones."

Huisman quotes the DJ trio Kris Kross Amsterdam, of which his two cousins ​​are part.

"Then a new single is streamed and done, I don't understand a thing."

Although he found it educational to participate in the program, we cannot expect similar programs from him.

"We work with a script, you have to memorize line by line. I have to rely on improvisation and I am more the man of spontaneity."

A program about the nineties

can be seen on NPO3 every Thursday at 9.40 pm.