Halloween "Enjoy with thorough infection control" Expert October 30, 4:28

The 31st is Halloween.

As the epidemic of the new coronavirus continues, experts familiar with infectious diseases are calling for people to enjoy this Halloween after taking thorough measures against infection, such as refraining from gathering in large numbers and incorporating masks into disguise. I am.

Every year, on Halloween day, many events are held, such as going out to the city in disguise, and many people participate.

This will be Halloween as the epidemic of the new coronavirus continues, but Mitsuo Kaku, a specially appointed professor at Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University, said that even at an outdoor event, when a large number of people gather at a short distance, It points out that there is a risk of becoming close to the so-called three-dense state of closed, dense, and close.

According to Professor Kaku, especially when a large number of people gather and drink alcohol, or when they are relaxed and talk loudly, a large amount of flying squirrels may fly, so this time Please be careful, such as refraining from it.

If you want to enjoy Halloween, you need to devise ways to prevent infection.

For example, you can reduce your risk by enjoying disguise online or by keeping a small number of people and keeping a certain distance.

Also, if you use a mask as part of your disguise, you can have fun while taking measures against infection.

If children enjoy Halloween in the area, avoid children who are sick, avoid visiting places with older people or people who are sick, and keep the visit time as short as possible. I want you to devise such as.

Professor Kaku said, "The Halloween event itself is not bad, but if a large number of people are crowded, the risk of infection will increase. While fully aware of the risks and devising ways, Halloween will be done in a unique way. I want you to enjoy it. "