China News Service, Chongqing, October 29 (Reporter Liu Xianglin) The Chongqing Public Security Bureau and the Chongqing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau informed the media on the 29th that Chongqing had recently destroyed a large underground "black smoke factory" and removed 6 counterfeit dens. A cigarette manufacturing and selling counterfeit gang seized 3.89 million finished counterfeit and shoddy cigarettes, 31.2 tons of fake shredded tobacco, and large-scale cigarette making machines, packaging machines and a large number of counterfeit materials for counterfeiting. The actual value was 10 million yuan. 54 counterfeit products All gang members were arrested.

  According to reports, the Chongqing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau recently analyzed and judged a large-scale counterfeit cigarette production and sale case, and discovered new trends in the crime of counterfeit cigarettes, and jointly established a task force with the public security organs.

The task force's investigation found that the coastal tobacco dealer Fang XX frequently went to Chongqing and his whereabouts were secretive.

  After further follow-up and investigation, the task force preliminarily determined that Fang XX and others were suspected of opening a counterfeit cigarette production den in Chongqing.

The task force personnel further analyzed and verified, gradually ascertained the core members of the gang, and found multiple suspected production dens.

In mid-August, the task force identified the organization structure and operation mode of the gang, and determined the locations of multiple counterfeiting dens.

  The investigation showed that the gang Fang (male, Fujianese) was responsible for equipment technology and worker convening, Liu (male, Chongqing) was responsible for funding site selection and logistical support, and the other members were responsible for equipment repair and purchase of raw and auxiliary materials. For other matters, "black factories" and "black dens" were scattered in remote areas in the outer suburbs to jointly produce and sell counterfeit cigarettes for profit.

  After obtaining conclusive evidence, the task force quickly formulated an arrest plan.

On September 15th, the public security and tobacco departments arrested six small groups of people in an operation, killing the "black smoke factory" and the black dens in one fell swoop. None of the involved persons slipped through the net. The case was successfully solved.

  At present, 39 persons involved in the case have been taken criminal coercive measures.