Celebrity-only mental trouble consultation window Aiming to be established by the end of the year Japan Actors Union October 30, 4:12

In response to the suicides of celebrities one after another, the "Japan Actors Union" has decided to set up a new dedicated consultation desk where celebrities can individually discuss their mental problems, and is preparing for it.

This consultation counter will be newly established by the Japan Actors Union, to which approximately 2,600 actors and voice actors belong, for entertainers who have difficulty using the general consultation counter, and we are aiming to establish it within the year.


▽ a consultation desk where clinical psychologists accept all mental concerns regardless of public or private by email,

▽ a

consultation desk where

you can receive counseling directly from a specialist counselor regarding sexual harassment consultation

, and

▽ contract problems, etc. It means that there will be a contact point for lawyers to provide general legal advice.

Regarding the suicide of celebrities, the "Japan Entertainer Rights Association", which is working to protect the rights of celebrities, issued a statement calling for the mental care of celebrities, and although there are various backgrounds and factors, one of the factors is He points out that business characteristics that are easily exposed to strong stress are possible.

Michihiro Ikemizu, Managing Director of the Japan Actors Union, said, "At the entertainment agency, we are busy with work with the minimum number of people required for daily paperwork, so there are many cases where we are worried by ourselves. I would like to have an opportunity to do so. "