"Zenobia is simple, natural,

authentic, intelligent, intuitive

. So versatile, so attractive. Responsible and consistent. With great willpower.

Independent and realistic


Word of Emilia Cortés, UNED doctor and author of

Zenobia Camprubí.

La llama viva

(Alianza Editorial) and responsible for

Epistolario II

(1895-1936), a volume of the Residencia de Estudiantes that collects 547 unpublished letters and postcards from that always smiling and captivating woman.

Did you type the texts of your husband, Juan Ramón Jiménez (JRJ)?

Yes. Did he put up with his hobbies, did he have everything ready, did he even sharpen his pencils?


Even when she was very ill?


But, in addition, he

translated numerous works of the Nobel Prize Rabindranath Tagore

(which Juan Ramón only polished, since the poet from Moguer never knew English), he exported Spanish and Portuguese ceramics to the United States (where he lived four years before meeting JRJ), he belonged to the National Association of Spanish Women, was proposed as a member of the Spanish Committee in the Labor Congress in Washington, secretary of the Scholarship Committee for Spanish women in the US, rented furnished flats in Madrid so that the author of

Diario de un poeta recently married

He was not overwhelmed with money, he opened the Arte Popular Español store,

decorated the Parador de Ifach, taught in the Washington Senate, at the University of Maryland ...

And she traveled through Spain and Italy with her many friends while the poet stayed home to his own business, and often with padded walls, like Proust.


What would have been without Juan Ramon Jimenez Zenobia?

Emilia Cortés responds: «What I would have wanted

because I was hard-working and constant;

a woman with great curiosity about countless topics.

I think he would have continued writing and translating because the intellectual world was always of interest to him.

The world of business attracted her a lot, judging by all in which she was immersed.

What would have happened to JRJ without Zenobia?

«Juan Ramón, the poet, would have continued creating but the result would not be the same

and, without a doubt, the balance of his life would also have been different because his axis would not be at his side.

Zenobia was the axis in the life and work of Juan Ramón.

And, really, being his axis on a day-to-day basis was not easy.

And so much.

Zenobia Camprubí Aymar (1887-1956) wrote about Juan Ramón Jiménez (1881-1958): “The best moment of Juan Ramón and the longest in his life is when he is working on his work, completely forgetting himself.

He is never happier than when he is writing, correcting, perfecting ... His character is still different in his fertile seasons than it is in the arid ones.

He has no middle ground, or he is very good or very bad (...)

His main defects are almost never accepting responsibility for his guilt, no matter how insignificant, and suspicion to be hurt by insignificant things


He is also very selfish (...) In nervous seasons he does not make the slightest effort to control himself and reaches incredible cruelty ».

But he also acknowledges that he is of "an exciting generosity, moderate in his tastes and austere in his customs."

Very soon Zenobia began to write and wrote to the New York magazine

Saint Nicholas

: “I am eight years old.

My older brother has been collecting your wonderful magazine since ... ».

Later would come thousands of letters, among others to Tagore: «My husband has always told me: 'Don't write.

Can't you see that Rabindranath Tagore doesn't know us?

What is a letter going to tell you?

(...) I have not told my husband that I wrote this letter, because if you do not answer me, he will feel sad and disappointed ».

He also addressed a pivotal 20th century poet, Edgar Lee Masters, with the claim to translate

Spoon River Anthology


The list is endless: the Irish Nobel laureate WB Yeats, Alfonso Reyes, Santiago Ramón

y Cajal, Federico de Onís ... And in a next volume will include letters to Jiménez Fraud, Ernestina de Champourcin, Max Aub, Ayala, Pau Casals .. .

The same courage that he showed in business was applied in his life.

Suffice this example: she married Juan Ramón (in New York) despite the direct opposition of her mother, a position not easy in the bourgeois society of 1916.

The myth says that Juan Ramón (six years older than her) fell in love with her smile through the wall of the room where she lived


Then they met at the Student Residence in July 1913. And so on until 1956. A Swedish journalist anticipates on October 21 that Juan Ramón will win the Nobel.

Zenobia will die seven days later after being defeated by cancer.

“My wife Zenobia is the real winner of this award.

"My wife Zenobia is the true winner of this [Nobel] prize

. Her company, her help, her forty-year inspiration have made my work possible. Today I find myself desolate and without strength without her."

Could Juan Ramón annul Zenobia?

Emilia Cortés responds again: "No,

neither he annulled her nor she would have allowed her annulment, it did not fit her temperament

and way of being. Before she met Juan Ramón, Zenobia had already done many things: she had published various articles in magazines from New York; she had set up a school in La Rábida to teach the children of the workers; her great social commitment led her to work for the most disadvantaged in the Roperos de las Calatravas, Santa Cecilia and Santa Rita; she was part of the Women's Committee of Popular Hygiene and Home Visiting, and exported art objects and books to the US Is there more proof of his activity and determination? Can such a woman allow herself to be annulled? ".

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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