China News Service, Beijing, October 29th (Reporter Gao Kai) "October College of Arts and Television Creation Center" was inaugurated on the 28th at Beijing October College of Arts.

The cross-border dialogue event "The Film and Television Transformation of Literary Works" was held on the same day.

  This "Literature + Film and Television" event is the core event of the "Literature +" section of this October Literature Month. More than 20 writers, screenwriters, directors, and producers were gathered on the spot to discuss the creation and transformation of literature and film and television. In promoting the exchange and cooperation between literature and film and television, breaking industry boundaries, creating a circle-breaking effect, and promoting the creative development of literature and film and television industries.

  Literature and film and television are important fields of literature and art, as well as two industries that are related by blood.

As a professional literary institution and a public cultural platform, the October School of Letters has been committed to promoting the multi-form transformation of literary works.

According to the organizer, the purpose of the "October College of Arts and Television Creation Center" is to build a professional platform, gather high-quality resources, and promote excellence?

The film and television transformation of learning works, through innovative thinking and operation mode, create a film and television incubation platform for Beijing and Chinese literature IP.

  At the unveiling ceremony, on behalf of Beijing Publishing Group, Executive Deputy Dean of October School of Letters Lu Yue and Beijing Forbidden City Film Co., Ltd., Bona Film Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Hairun Film Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Tianyi Film Co., Ltd. , Beijing Ruyi Xinxin Film Investment Co., Ltd. and other film industry leaders signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

  It is reported that the agreement will bring together industry forces to actively promote the cultivation of literary + film and television talents, and comprehensively build a development strategy for the film and television industry of literary works in Beijing and the whole country.

  Qu Zhong, Dean of the October School of Letters, said that many well-known excellent film and television dramas such as "Wreath Under the Mountain", "Black Horse", "White Deer Plain" and "Ordinary World" are all adapted from the "October" magazine under Beijing Publishing Group. Published or published by Beijing October Literature and Art Publishing House.

It can be seen that “Beijing literature has always been in the lead, keeping pace with the times, always watching people’s spiritual life with warm realism, and always catalyzing and leading the creation of film and television with literary motifs, and has produced a large number of literary and film and television boutiques." Qu Zhong hoped that "using the newly established film and television literature creation center as an innovation platform, linking domestic first-line film and television institutions for in-depth cooperation, and continuously launching masterpieces that promote the Chinese spirit and gather Chinese power."

  Lu Yue, executive deputy dean of the October School of Letters, believes that literature can reach the public through film and television, and film and television can obtain broader feelings, deeper souls, and longer artistic life through literature.

She said, "I hope that through the joint efforts of everyone, the cooperation between learning and film and television will bear fruit; I hope that literature and film and television can stimulate, promote and enhance each other, and jointly shape the new ecology and new landscape of Chinese art."

  The event was hosted by the October School of Letters and the Beijing Film Association, and hosted by Shengshi Kent.

Chen Ning, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Qu Zhong, General Manager of Beijing Publishing Group and Dean of October School of Literature, Zheng Junbin, Director of the Publishing Division of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, famous writer and screenwriter Wan Fang, Mao Dun Literary Award winner Ge Fei , Li Er, author representatives Zhang Chu and Shi Yifeng signed in October, famous film critic Mao Jian, chairman of the Forbidden City Pictures Jin Chuan, senior vice president of Bona Pictures Jiang Defu, chairman of Hairun Pictures Liu Yanming, founder of Tianyi Pictures, Wu Yi, The CEO of Poly Film Federation, Mr. Wu Sheng, the famous director Yan Po, the famous screenwriter Quan Yongxian, the vice president of Ruyi Xinxin Pictures Lin Yuanzhong, the famous actor Tao Hong and other guests attended.