Former CEO of Nissan Kelly Trial Former Secretary General Mentions Judicial Transactions October 28, 21:02

At the trial of former Nissan Motor CEO Greg Kelly, a former secretary general of Nissan was told by a lawyer of the prosecution OB about a month before the forced investigation that "Gone's injustice needs to be corrected", and he said with the prosecution. For the first time, he testified about how he agreed to the judicial transaction, saying that the procedure for the judicial transaction had progressed.

Former Nissan CEO Greg Kelly, 64, against a former secretary general who agreed to a judicial transaction with the prosecution in a trial charged with understated Gone's compensation in a securities report. The second witness cross-examination was held at the Tokyo District Court.

According to the testimony of the former secretary general, in October, about a month before the forced investigation of a series of cases began, after undergoing an internal investigation by Nissan, he was told to tell the prosecution the same content, and Nissan executives and others told him. I consulted with a lawyer of the prosecution OB with the introduction of.

At this time, the prosecution's OB lawyer said, "It is necessary to correct Ghosn's injustice," and after receiving an explanation about the judicial transaction system, the lawyer proceeded with the procedure and agreed in November. I testified.

Regarding the prosecution's questioning, "I was surprised that the prosecutor knew about the unpaid compensation of former chairman Ghosn at the first questioning. I had a desire to make a judicial transaction, but the prosecutor told me. I didn't accept it. "

The defense argues that the credibility of the testimony of witnesses who have made judicial transactions should be judged carefully.