A woman who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of group EXO member Chanyeol (Park Chanyeol) revealed that Chanyeol had an affair with numerous women during her relationship.

Mr. A, who claimed to be Chanyeol's ex-girlfriend, posted a post on the 29th on the online community bulletin board with the title'Hello ㅇㅅ member ㅂㅊㅇ'.

Mr. A said, "The last three years that I was deceived by you (Chanyeol) have become so dirty and ugly." I was always busy playing dirty with new girls," he revealed.

At the same time, Chanyeol claimed that he had an affair with more than 10 people, including girl groups, YouTubers, BJs, dancers, flight attendants, and his acquaintances.

Mr. A said, "Did you like it? You were famous. Except for me, the people around you knew you were dirty," he said. .

"I heard more than 10 people," he said, "Chanyeol, if you're a new person, you shouldn't have touched at least my acquaintances."

Mr. A said, "I've only been busy protecting you by believing in your words that if you have a problem with your music life because of a woman's problem, I will not talk about getting bigger if I open my mouth." "Now, just listening to your name, my heart goes down. I hope people know how bad you are. Don't contact me."

Mr. A posted a picture of a couple taken with a man who is presumed to be Chanyeol to verify the facts of the article. However, it is currently deleted.

Regarding the related content, Chanyeol's management company SM Entertainment has not disclosed its position.

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)