On the evening of October 26th, Diantou Street in Changting County, Fujian Province attracted many tourists.

Changting is the "Capital of Hakka". Diantou Street, which was built in the Tang Dynasty, is the most famous ancient street in Changting. It is 466 meters long from north to south and the street is about 3 meters wide. It is the earliest commercial block in Guting Zhoucheng. , "Store head" refers to the best shop in Hakka discourse.

Because the front is a shop and the back is a residence, it is named "Diantou Street".

  Walking on the streets paved with bluestone slabs, a large string of red lanterns hang high, and shops are densely covered under the red lanterns.

This traditional handmade Baiye Street is constructed entirely of fir, with shops on the lower floor and residential buildings on the upper floor. It has a strong Ming and Qing architectural style, with narrow streets and numerous shops.

The ancient streets are full of tofu shops, iron shops, shaved shops, carving shops, tailor shops, portrait shops, antique shops, embroidery shops, incense candle shops, small hotels, traditional snack shops, etc.

The rich cultural connotation of Diantou Street is the most vivid picture of the long history of Changting, the capital of Hakka.

In 2011, Diantou Street was named a famous historical and cultural street in China.

(Reporter Wu Shengwei)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]