To enable fashion houses and startups to restart their operations

Dubai Design District launches an initiative to support the creative people of Lebanon

Dubai Design includes 385 local and international companies, the startup incubator in5 and the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation.

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The Dubai Design District has announced an initiative dedicated to Lebanese design companies whose businesses have been affected by the Beirut Port explosion, aiming to enable Lebanese fashion and design houses to restart their operations from their creative community in Dubai, and to take advantage of the neighborhood's provision of a supportive environment for businesses and emerging companies, in which they can expand. Regionally and globally, and exploring new markets.

According to the initiative, the Dubai Design District will provide a co-working space for three years for emerging companies, businessmen and large companies in the field of design and fashion, who have been affected by the Beirut Port explosion, and will provide them with the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with major companies in this field, such as "Dior" and "Barbary" »,« Zaha Hadid », and« Foster and Partners », and will also enable them to participate in events and activities hosted by the Dubai Design District, such as Dubai Design Week, and this step comes within the initiative« Design for Good », launched and adopted by the Dubai Design District As part of its ongoing commitment to advancing the creative sector in the region.

Small, medium and larger companies will be able, through co-working spaces, to continue their business while they continue to exist in Lebanon, in addition to expanding in the region, and entrepreneurs will have the option to join the business incubator in5 design located in the Dubai Design District, as they will have extension services. Guidance, communication, building professional relationships, obtaining financing opportunities, and using advanced equipment and infrastructure that enable them to launch their business to broader horizons.

For her part, the Executive Director of the Dubai Design District, Khadija Al Bastaki, said: “After the explosion, which was a shock that crossed the borders of brotherly Lebanon, we immediately began working with our partners in drafting an initiative that would give hope to those affected by this unfortunate incident, and this of course is the least that can be provided. To support the brothers in Lebanon who have always stood by our side, and formed an important part of our creative community that includes local and international talents.

She added: “The UAE has taken the initiative to support the brothers in Lebanon with urgent assistance, supported the economy and helped in combating the spread of the (Covid-19) pandemic, and from this point of view our initiative is in line with the directives of our leadership to provide all possible support to the brothers in Lebanon, and we hope that this initiative will provide support to designers. The Lebanese people, and that they will soon be able to start their work from the Dubai Design District. ”

The Dubai Design District is strategically located near Dubai International Airport, Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, and features a modern and sustainable infrastructure that enables companies to communicate within the largest creative system in the region, and includes 385 local and international companies, the startup incubator in5 and the Dubai Institute for Design and Innovation, as well as a group Distinctive from restaurants, office spaces, showrooms, and shops, in addition to basketball

and volleyball courts, a skate park, a gym, a wall for climbing sports, and a modern beach.

Set measures

In addition to the support provided by the Dubai Design District to the Lebanese design industry, it also provides, in the midst of the current global health crisis, a set of measures for its current business partners to ensure the continuity of their business, including flexible payment terms and simplification of procedures, thus enhancing Dubai's attraction of talent and creative companies.

Khadija Al Bastaki:

• “The initiative is the least that can be offered to the brothers who have formed an important part of our creative community, which includes local and international talents.”

• The step comes within the "design for good" adopted by the "neighborhood".

• "Dubai Design" will provide a co-working space, for three years, for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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