Artificial intelligence, should we worry about it?

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Artificial intelligence.

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By: Adrien Delgrange

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It is everywhere and it risks changing the world in the long term: AI, artificial intelligence! 


After the digital revolution, this could be the new challenge of the modern world.

Invisible, algorithms are omnipresent in our daily life: health, commerce, telephony, weather forecast, or even a dating site ...

Many services use these prediction algorithms, in other words stir up large amounts of data and use them for us provide an automatic response to a problem.

And sometimes, but not always, artificial intelligence trumps natural intelligence, that of humans.

Hence the fear, the fear, even the fantasy ... of being eaten by the one we fed.

So, should we be celebrating or worrying about this technological progress?

To discuss it


Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

, professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Sorbonne University and president of the CNRS Ethics Committee.

Author of numerous books, among others,

Artificial intelligence

: towards a programmed programming,


Le Cavalier Bleu

Célia Zolinski

, jurist and professor of law at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Laurence Devillers

, professor of Artificial Intelligence & ethics at Sorbonne University, researcher at (Limsi) of the CNRS, author of numerous books, among others,

Les emotional robots

 (March 2020), L'Observatoire editions.


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