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video created to promote Korea to foreigners has been hit by hundreds of millions of times and is attracting world attention.

Today (28th) gathered members of Inalchi Band who made the music for this video.



Q. Two members of Inalchi's band…

What if you introduce yourself?

[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: I am a singer or Inalchi's vocalist Narae.

[Kwon Song-hee/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: I am Inalchi Kwon Song-hee.]

Q. What kind of singer is



[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: First of all, we are an alternative pop band consisting of 4 pansori singers, two bassists, and a drummer.]

Q. How did you turn'Sugunga' into dance music?

[Kwon Song-hee/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: First of all, I started the music play as Sugungga.

However, as I made it, I would like to make music that can dance with Sugungga.

There are other songs, but there is a difficult part for Simcheongga and Chunhyangga to dance.

So, there are no people and animals in Sugung, and there are many interesting parts.

So let's make it a Sugungga so that we can dance. So we started.]

Q. Korea Tourism Organization promotional video…

How was it made?

[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: We heard that we listened to our video and music, and the person in charge of the Korea Tourism Organization made a plan together and contacted us.]

Q.'Ambaguus' Work with…

How did you start?

[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: Originally, choreographer Jang Hyung-gyu carefully looked at it, but when we were ahead of our first or big performance, we had a chance to collaborate.

So, I have been invited now, and since then, I want to continue making concerts with Naver Onstage and even now.]

Q. What is the difference in activities before and after the Korea Tourism Organization promotional video?

[Kwon Song-hee/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: First of all, a lot of contact came from the government offices, and there were a lot of contacts from each region, advertisement offers were coming in, and we are receiving a lot of love calls now.]

Q. The band's name is'Inalchi'. Why was it built?

[Narae/singer'Inalchi Band' member: Originally, we first performed our first performance in the club under the name of the Sugungga Project without a name, but at that time a lot of people came to see it.

So now, some big performances have been invited, and we are in a hurry to name them. Let's bring one or six candidates each.

So, after voting there, I selected Inalchi as the name that seemed to match our image best.]

Q. Is this the name from the famous song'Inalchi' of the Joseon Dynasty?

[Kwon Song-hee/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: Actually, he was one of the eight famous singers in the late Joseon Dynasty.

Originally, it was the name that I got as a stage name because I rode the line of the jule clown like a flying fish, and later, I switched to a shouting and started doing activities.

(It's a bit cheerful.) Yes, I chose the name Inalchi because the name matched very well with our team.]

Q. An addictive song...

Did you expect a hot reaction?

[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: When I first made music, I didn't have a sense of purpose for that at all, and of course I didn't expect it.

However, there was a wish that it would be nice if we made music that we could enjoy first and shared this with many people.

But we didn't know that it would come so soon, so we are very surprised and having fun now.]

Q. Is it possible to have a pansori for fans?

[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: (Song) Scattering grass roots, king sand, scattering the grass roots with stern back legs, like new sickle-like claws]

Q. What I care about when making a stage if there is?

[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: The first thing we pick is musical completion?

Through it, I think about what clothes naturally match and what is the stage movement.

So, the part that cares the most is what is natural about us.]

Q. What is the distinctive color of Inalchi Band?

[Kwon Song-hee/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: First of all, we are not a band created with a sense of mission to modernize and popularize Korean traditional music.

Once we gathered and made it fun, it was so fun and exciting that it came out naturally...

And it's a little narrow to play within the norm of traditional Korean music, but it's a little wider...

I started with the idea that it would be better to use a broader concept without sanctuary.]

Q. Many young fans in their 20s and 30s…

What is the secret of popularity?

[Kwon Song-hee/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: Rather, there are a lot of people who think that it's boring or boring when it comes to traditional Korean music, but young people really like it as I said.

So, oh, you just listen to really good music without prejudice.

Isn't it a very welcome phenomenon.]

Q. What is the direction of music that Inalchi Band pursues?

[Narae/Singer'Inalchi Band' member: Actually, we still don't know what to do next.

That unknown may be another possibility in the end, but I'm not trying to limit the boundaries for that.

Maybe at the end of this year or early next year…

It is expected that one or two more songs will be released as a more expanded content in Sugungga.]