"Water on the part of the moon exposed to sunlight" NASA First confirmation and announcement of existence October 27, 9:09

NASA announced that it has confirmed for the first time that water exists on the surface of the moon where the sun shines.

It was already known that water exists in the moon, such as in Antarctica, where the sun does not shine.

NASA announced on the 26th that it has observed the moon with the "SOFIA" = Stratospheric Observatory, a telescope mounted on an airplane, and confirmed for the first time that there is water in the part exposed to sunlight.

The existence of water was confirmed in the "Clavius ​​Crater" on the side visible from the earth in the southern hemisphere of the Moon, and as a result of analysis, it is thought that about 350 ml of water is contained per cubic meter of lunar soil. about it.

It was already known from spacecraft observations that water exists in Antarctica, where the moon is not exposed to sunlight.

According to the research team, "In the moon without atmosphere, when sunlight hits, water should evaporate and be lost in outer space, so it seems that there is some mechanism to create water or catch it and not let it escape." , It is said that there is a possibility that water is brought in by the collision of small meteorites, or that water is produced by some chemical reaction.

It is expected that the water on the moon can bring oxygen and water for human activity in outer space and can be used as fuel for spacecraft, which is one of the purposes of lunar exploration in each country.

The research team says further exploration is needed to see if the water discovered this time is actually available.