While football player Dong-guk Lee (Jeonbuk Hyundai) announced his retirement, the reaction of'Seolsudae', who was fierce about his father's retirement, is drawing attention.

Lee Soo-jin, Lee Dong-guk's wife on the 27th, said through her social media, "After school, I got into the car to inform my dad's retirement news and watched the retirement announcement video together, I was curious about the feelings of young children. The video was released.

In the released video, the twin sisters Seol-a and Su-a and Sian-yi of'The Jackpot' watch the video of their father's retirement announcement in the vehicle. While watching the video, Seol-a sheds tears from the storm, and Sian-i in the back seat mourns while wiping her tears with her arms. Sua, who was biting a candy, is also trying to hold back her tears.

In particular, Seol-a cries out, "Why is Dad quitting. Dad just keeps going until he becomes a grandfather. Why is it just in the middle when he does well in the middle?"

While releasing the video, Lee Soo-jin said, "I thought you were still young children, but you are the same heart as your mother," and said, "In this situation, even Sian who doesn't cry, crying bursts out".

He added, "A lot of people cried and contacted me, so we cried and cried all day long. We just cried to our heart's content."

Earlier on the 26th, Lee Dong-guk announced that he would retire from his 23-year career at the end of this season. His last match as a player is the match against Daegu FC held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on November 1.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)