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The firefighters had the impression of falling into an "ambush".

Two of the three people suspected of having deliberately attacked rescuers during an intervention in Rillieux-la-Pape (Rhône) on October 18, were imprisoned, we learned on Monday from the Lyon police.

Arrested on October 22 and 23, the suspects, aged 24 and 25, were presented to the prosecution on Saturday before being taken into custody.

On October 18 at 8:42 am the firefighters intervened following the call of an 18-year-old witness to help an "unconscious" woman spotted near a car and "possibly victim of an assault".

On the spot, rescuers tried to approach this young woman "agitated and potentially in danger" but they encountered physical opposition from two of the suspects, one of whom was the victim's ex-boyfriend, recalls the Lyon police.

10 days of ITT for the victim

The young woman quickly indicated that she had been the victim of violence from her former companion.

Taken to hospital, she was delivered 10 days of ITT for a whiplash.

Heard later by investigators, she clarified that her ex had pulled her hair, knocked her to the ground and kicked her in the back and head.

The respondent was therefore arrested just like one of his friends, having taken part in the firefighters.

His cousin, considered the third suspect, had filmed the scene before the firefighters intervened but was no longer there when they arrived.

He was released at the end of his police custody.


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