Tim Hofman has been asked to succeed Willemijn Veenhoven as a presenter at


after her departure


Hofman, however, declined the offer, because he is too busy with his own programs, BNNVARA told NU.nl on Monday after reporting from

RTL Boulevard


"BNNVARA is currently looking into the possibilities for implementing


", a spokesperson said.

"And we also looked at the possible efforts of Tim. But in connection with all his other programs, that is in any case not feasible for him. However, Hofman, who has already appeared as a presenter several times in the program, remains a permanent replacement. "

Veenhoven can currently be seen every Monday with Erik Dijkstra in the broadcast of



On Saturday it was announced that she

will present

the radio program

Spijkers met Koppen

from January 2021

and therefore has to say goodbye to the talk show.

She succeeds Felix Meurders.

Veenhoven will present the BNNVARA program on NPO Radio 2 together with Dolf Jansen.

Hofman can be seen in



Over Mijn Lijk,

among others


The presenter recently won a Televizier Award with both programs.