[Commentary] Xu Zheng helps out, Li Dan joins, Guan Dongtian takes the stage... On October 26, the World of Performing Arts·2020 6th Shanghai International Comedy Festival will hold a press conference in Shanghai, and it will be announced from November 20 to December 31 Japan officially returns, bringing audiences nearly two hundred comedy performances and activities at the end of 2020.

  Xu Zheng, the artistic director of the Shanghai International Comedy Festival, said that in recent years, comedy culture has developed tremendously in Shanghai. More and more drama groups have come to Shanghai, and original content has become more abundant. Many creative comedy forms were born here.

  [Concurrent] Xu Zheng, Artistic Director of Shanghai International Comedy Festival

  I think the overall form of comedy is more international. It is very obvious in Shanghai. If you see the current development momentum of talk shows, you should be able to feel that, whether it is language or physical theater, there are actually more. representative work.

So based on this kind of power, I think in the future, whether the dramas or film works formed, I think they will have a completely different look.

  [Explanation] In recent years, as the "Talk Show Conference" successfully "out of the circle", offline talk shows have become the most popular comedy category among young people.

This year, the Shanghai International Comedy Festival also set up a "Talk Show" section for the first time, co-hosted by Xiaoguo Culture.

  Li Dan, the co-founder of Xiaoguo Culture, said that it is no longer necessary to explain to everyone such issues as "what is a talk show" and "the difference between a talk show and a cross talk".

Shanghai's tolerance and openness are very suitable for the development of the talk show industry.

He hopes that the talk show can become a business card for Shanghai.

  [Concurrent] Li Dan, co-founder of Xiaoguo Culture

  We can feel the love in many aspects in Shanghai.

Then the performance process was always very happy. The audience in Shanghai was also very receptive. Then we thought it was appropriate to start this matter in Shanghai. Later, we thought that Shanghai’s culture may have always been like this It is a very tolerant city.

  [Commentary] It is reported that this year’s comedy festival has gathered 22 performances and a total of 128 performances, including 12 units in three major sections: "Wedding Banquet", "Comedy Carnival", and "Laugh and Talk".

  In addition, this comedy festival also goes to the cloud.

The "World Mime Cloud Conference" co-organized with the World Mime Association will collect mime video works from around the world for online appraisal.

  Reporter Xu Mingrui from Shanghai

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】