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  • Today, “Le carrousel infernal” by Joe Hill, published on September 23, 2020 by Éditions JC Lattès.

CharlyLivres, contributor to the

20 Minutes


reading group

, recommends

Joe Hill's

Le Carrousel infernal 

, published on September 23, 2020 by JC Lattès editions.

Her favorite quote:

Books are patient with those who have learning difficulties.

The rest of the world is not.

Why this book?

  • Because Joe Hill is revealed in this collection of short stories.

    He wrote a mini-autobiography on his life spent alongside his father Stephen King, and his mother Tabitha King, both writers.

    Having wanted to become an author himself very quickly, he was encouraged by his parents, even though he was still far from their level of storytelling.

    He was thus built in a loving family, always surrounded by friends writers or filmmakers attracted by the field of horror.

  • Because the approach of Halloween is the perfect opportunity to scare yourself

    with short but intense stories, where men are sometimes scarier than monsters.

    No one is immune to seeing the main character pass away in the next paragraph or stopping reading after a piece of news to think carefully about it.

    In less than 50 pages per story, Joe Hill, sometimes accompanied by the pen of Stephen King, plunges us into a raw universe where emotions are heightened.

  • Because two of these short stories were co-written with Stephen King,

    and at least one will captivate you, whether you are a fan of thrillers, or a fan of The 

    Lord of the Rings

    ... Each of the 13 short stories brings a different atmosphere, accessible whatever your literary style. prefer.

    This collection can also be a very good introduction to horror stories!

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

 Short stories that can end well or badly, bits of characters' lives at the height of their lives, pieces of America to discover.


 Werewolves, objects under evil influence, beings who must complete a final task before going into the afterlife or even a teenage girl addicted to Twitter.


 Mainly the United States, from Maine to Texas, with a small foray into the United Kingdom as well.

The time.

 Some news is happening nowadays, with beings and characters from the past or from other universes, others are visions of what our future could be.

The author.

 Joe Hill is a fantasy and horror writer.

He had his short stories published in magazines before writing his first novel Le Costume du Mort which received numerous awards.

He is writing the

Locke & Key


which will be entitled to a Netflix adaptation, just like the new

The Tall Grass


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