The BB King heirs are working on a film biography about the life of the blues musician,


reports on


The week before, confusion was caused by the announcement of another film about the King who died in 2015.

King's heirs report that they are in discussion with a renowned director about the creative direction of the film project.

The release date of the still untitled film is unknown.

The production process will start in 2021.

The heirs have not yet made any statements about the cast of the film biography.

They are considering having Kenan Thompson, known for the

Saturday Night Live



, play the role of the blues musician.

They have also considered Wendell Pierce, known for the lawyer

series Suits

and the police drama

The Wire

, as the lead actor.

Pierce caused confusion a week earlier by announcing via Twitter that he would star in a film biography about King.

At the request of King's heirs, the actor later clarified that

The Thrill Is On

is about the blues musician, but is not a film biography.

Also, in this film project about King's friendship with a colleague, there is no collaboration with the heirs of the blues musician.

Riley Ben King, better known as BB King, is considered one of the greatest blues artists of all time.

The musician, who rose to fame in 1969 with the cover of Roy Hawkins' song

The Thrill Is Gone

, won fifteen Grammys in his career.


BB King - The Thrill Is Gone