It's windy and rainy!

Hainan, Qionghai, Wanning and other places have heavy rains today, "Molafi" creates strong winds along the coast

  China Weather News Today (October 26) Three days later, due to the combined effects of Typhoon Morafi and cold air, there will be strong winds along the coast of Hainan, and the wind will gradually increase from the night of the 27th.

At the same time, affected by the easterly jet, most areas of Hainan will have heavy rainfall, with moderate to heavy rains and local heavy rains. The public needs to pay attention to nowcasting and pay attention to safety.

  On the afternoon of October 23rd to 25th, due to the combined influence of typhoon "Shader" and cold air, a 40 to 70 cm storm surge occurred along the coast of Hainan Island. Among them, the Xiuying tide level reached the local yellow on the morning of the 24th. The climax of the alert tide level.

  At present, the Central Meteorological Observatory has stopped numbering typhoon "Shadr", but this year's No. 18 typhoon "Molafi" will begin to have an impact again.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, this year’s No. 18 typhoon "Molafi" has strengthened from a severe tropical storm level to a typhoon level yesterday (25th) night, and its center is located on the central islands of the Philippines at 5 o'clock this morning.

It is predicted that "Molafi" will move westward at a speed of about 25 kilometers per hour, and will move into the eastern sea surface of the South China Sea around noon today. It will gradually move towards the central coast of Vietnam, and its intensity will gradually increase, reaching the strongest typhoon level.

  Affected by "Molafi" and the cold air, from today to the night of the 28th, there were easterly winds of magnitude 5-6 and gusts of magnitude 7-8 on the sea around Hainan, which increased to magnitude 7-8 and gusts of 9 from the night of the 27th. -10 level.

  In terms of rainfall, affected by the easterly jet stream, it is expected that in the next 24 hours, most townships in the five cities and counties of Qionghai, Wanning, Qiongzhong, Tunchang, and Ding'an will experience heavy rains of more than 50 mm.

The day after tomorrow, heavy rainfall will still occur in most areas of Hainan, with moderate to heavy rains and local heavy rains.

  Meteorological experts reminded that for three days from today, heavy rains continued in most areas of Hainan, and local torrential rains, so public travel must pay attention to safety.

In addition, affected by the typhoon "Molafi" and the cold air, strong winds along the coast of Hainan are gradually rising, and passing ships only need to return to the port for shelter in time.