"Olympus" 3 former management teams confirmed 59.4 billion yen compensation order Supreme Court October 26, 17:26

In a trial in which the company and shareholders sued the former management over the huge loss concealment of the major precision equipment maker "Olympus" discovered nine years ago, the Supreme Court decided to dismiss both appeals, and the former president and other former management The ruling that ordered the three members to compensate 59.4 billion yen was finalized.

In 2011, it became clear that Olympus had hidden a loss of over 100 billion yen caused by investment failures during the bubble era, and the company and shareholders became 16 successive management teams including former president Tsuyoshi Kikukawa. I sought compensation for the damage the company suffered.

In May last year, the Tokyo High Court of the second instance admitted that it was a damage to pay dividends to shareholders even though there was no profit that could actually be paid in order to hide the loss, and former president Kikukawa, former corporate auditors, and He said that the three former vice presidents were liable for compensation and ordered the company to pay a total of 59.4 billion yen.

The company, shareholders, and former corporate auditors had appealed this, but Judge Masayuki Ikegami of the Supreme Court's First Small Court decided to dismiss the appeal by the 26th, and the three people were 59.4 billion yen. The ruling that ordered compensation for the case was finalized.