Chinanews, October 26. If humor is an attitude, comedy is an enduring spirit.

The first comedy inheritance variety show "Gold Medal Comedy Class" of China Central Radio and Television is based on the original intention of "the spirit of comedy needs to be inherited" to create a show with the core of "comedy spirit".

Chen Peisi

  "Gold Medal Comedy Class" innovatively introduces the concept of "teaching", inviting top comedy masters to serve as mentors, leading new comedians in immersive learning, telling the stories behind comedy, verbal teaching, training excellent comedy inheritors, and passing on comedy culture .

The high-profile tutor lineup has been officially announced starting today (October 26), and Chen Peisi, as the starting tutor, will return to the CCTV stage after more than 20 years.

  Chen Peisi is the most impressive memory of many audiences for the Spring Festival Gala. He was called "the first person in the Spring Festival Gala" by the audience.

He has appeared in classic sketches such as "Eating Noodles", "Protagonist and Supporting Role", "Police and Thieves".

He is good at using exaggerated and rich body movements, with vivid expressions and language, to create comic characters one after another.

Chen Peisi's sense of humor and rhythm often makes the audience laugh.

Show poster

  This time, Chen Peisi once again cooperated with CCTV in "Gold Medal Comedy Class", will the classic reappear in the show?

How will he deal with the competition from the North and the South, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and even international comedians on the same stage?

What kind of comedy inheritors will eventually be cultivated is worth looking forward to.

  "Gold Medal Comedy Class" has recently established a "Gold Medal Comedy Class Recruitment" area on CCTV.

From now on, the lineup of tutors will be announced one after another, and more top comedy masters will join to help cultivate a new generation of "comedy inheritors."