Songwriter Noonie Bao is currently working on her own EP, called Noonia.

- I have lived in Noonia, my own world, for two years now.

It is an EP that follows my life and it means a lot to me, says Noonie Bao when she visits Gomorron Sweden.

Started with a dictaphone

Music has always played a big role in Noonie's life and when she was 10 years old she got a dictaphone from her parents to be able to record songs.

- I got the dictaphone because I woke up at night with melodies in my head and I wanted to record them so that they would not disappear, it was almost like an obsession.

I could shout at night "I have to record" and my mother had to pick up a large tape recorder.

But one Christmas I got a small dictaphone and could record on it instead.

Later, Noonie Bao went to music high school and at the age of 18 she had to sign a publishing contract.

Then she could record songs in a studio and that gave her more opportunities.

A table of contents for a Noonie Bao song, what does it look like?

- Difficult!

I usually try not to think so much. ”What would I do if no one listened to this, if I burn and throw shit in the sea when I'm done.

How would that sound then?

For my own sake?"

- In terms of production when it comes to the songs, I usually only play the black keys on the piano, which some people think sounds a bit crazy.

But I think I find nice melodies there, Asian-inspired melodies.

It will be as it is!

Songwriting as therapy

But letting her emotions guide her in songwriting does not mean it is easy.

Noonie Bao is similar to the process of therapy.

- It's very emotional.

When I play live, those feelings can come up and even some memories.

Playing in front of an audience can therefore be a strain, but putting your music career aside is not an option.

A driving force is about challenging one's fears.

- I really have no choice, I have to do this.

I have to do what I'm afraid of, otherwise I will not be happy.

- I could just keep the music from myself, but I get so much from sharing it with others.

Just because you are afraid, it does not have to mean that you are not brave, says Noonie Bao

In addition to her solo career, she has collaborated with a number of artists: Alesso, Clean Bandit and Aviccii are some of them.

Noonie Bao appreciates the variety of working alone one moment and the next getting the chance to be influenced by others.

- I am a bit more periodic, like to isolate myself and go into my own and not meet people.

Then I'm in Los Angeles a lot and then I get to work with others and get to see their music.

I get tired of myself at times.

Then it's fun to write to the others instead, says Noonie Bao.