Talpa has responded to the fuss that has arisen about a fragment by Johnny de Mol in

Thank you for the Music.

It shows how the 41-year-old starts to smell the neck of a singer without being asked and puts an arm around his waist.

Subsequently, there was a fuss about it on social media, but according to Talpa, the fragment has been taken out of context.

There were many reactions on Twitter from people who considered the moment "inappropriate".

However, according to Talpa, reality is a lot more nuanced.

“Everyone in the studio was thrilled with the performance of 26-year-old Ryan, from Marlayne's team. As the captain of the competitive team, Johnny jumps on the stage with enthusiasm that tries to distract him from his performance and points for his team tries to gather. That is also part of the game in

Thank You For The Music, "

a Talpa Network spokeswoman told



The management of the 26-year-old singer in question also responds to the newspaper.

"Ryan didn't notice what was going on behind him during the show because he was focusing on the singing. Later when he looked back it did look uncomfortable."

Afterwards, however, De Mol would have apologized and that is the case, according to the management.

The conscious fragment:


What a pervert that Johnny de Mol 🤮🤮🤮 #MeToo #unwantedintimiteiten #johnnydemol


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