The YouTube channel's Horizontal and Vertical Research Center (hereinafter referred to as'Ga Se-yeon') struck Kim Hee-cheol out of nowhere.

'Ga Se-yeon' said through the YouTube channel community on the 24th. It seems the most disgusting. He wrote a strong criticism, saying, "Hee-cheol Kim, a man who is really vocal."

Along with this, a photo of an article captured on Kim Hee-cheol's remarks related to the candlelight protest in 2008 was released.

At that time, Kim Hee-cheol made a statement calling for attention, saying, "The candlelight demonstration in front of the city hall today (related to mad cow disease) is also very important."

Ka Se-yeon criticized Kim Hee-cheol on the 2008 mad cow disease issue on the air, and said he was silent about the ongoing death case after the flu vaccination. The subscribers of Ga Se-yeon showed a sympathetic reaction, but reactions continued among general netizens that they were absurd by the sudden sniping of Kim Hee-chul.

Netizens are reacting such as "I keep touching people who might be issues", "Why suddenly sniper something 12 years ago", "What do you mean to feed Kim Hee-chul?"

[Photo = Kim Hee-cheol Instagram,'Ga Se-yeon' YouTube channel community capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Sun-ae)