[Explanation] October 25th falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, which is a traditional Chinese festival, the Double Ninth Festival. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government earlier specifically urged citizens to scan the graves as far as possible to maintain awareness of epidemic prevention.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery Management Committee Mai Juran stated that the four Chinese permanent cemeteries in Aberdeen, Tsuen Wan, Chai Wan and Tseung Kwan O have responded to the request of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the Special Administrative Region Government to strengthen public cemeteries and columbarium The cleaning service.

  [Concurrent] Mai Juran, Executive Director, Hong Kong Chinese Permanent Cemetery Management Committee

  This year’s Chongyang Festival is quite special. Due to the epidemic, it is estimated that this year’s Chongyang Festival may be less than half of the number of people (worship) in previous years. This year we (cemeteries) have more than four or five times more disinfection than previous years. We also encourage Citizens should not gather and go to worship at different times. Of course, in traditions (customs), some people will bring sacrifices and food (sacrifice), but we do not encourage them to gather and eat here due to the epidemic.

  [Explanation] In order to convey a positive outlook on life, the cemetery added a 30-meter-long mural on the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival. The theme is "The Gate of Eternal Goodness-The Meaning of Life Never Ends". The murals are colorful and combine with tradition. With modern elements, Mai Juran hopes that the murals can break the traditional stereotype of death and help the citizens heal their pain.

  [Concurrent] Mai Juran, Executive Director, Hong Kong Chinese Permanent Cemetery Management Committee

  Because the cemetery in the past gave people a sad and gloomy feeling, and the meaning of life is very grand, including the relationship between people, the contributions and contributions in society, so our mural has a title of "The Gate of Eternal Goodness" -The meaning of life will never stop", I hope that this mural can express our concept in a more vivid way, and more importantly, be cautiously pursued.

  [Commentary] The reporter visited the Hong Kong conservation group "Changchun Society" at the Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery to hold the "Rooting and Discovery Activity", and specially invited the former director of the Hong Kong Museum of History Ding Xinbao as an expert consultant to introduce the history of the cemetery to tourists. And visit the tombs of celebrities and elites buried here to let people understand the life and development of Chinese and their families in Hong Kong.

Ding Xinbao believes that the guided tour of the cemetery is a more interesting entry point for young people to understand Hong Kong history.

  [Concurrent] Ding Xinbao, former director of the Hong Kong Museum of History

  It’s very common to visit cemeteries in foreign countries. We think that to bring this (cemetery tour) back to Hong Kong, the advantage is that you can walk around and learn about the history of Hong Kong, and this history is closely related to us Chinese. From the perspective of (the cemetery) is a very good place to understand the history of Hong Kong.

  [Commentary] Ding Xinbao added that a guided tour of the cemetery can be organized, but it must also be limited. The quiet atmosphere of the cemetery should not be disturbed too much.

  Reporter Zhu Aili from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]