As the second wave of coronavirus hits France, the metropolis of Lille, which is particularly affected, has activated the white plan.

Faced with the arrival of many patients, the Lille University Hospital reacted and called on all possible hospital reinforcements.

Among them, nursing students and retired nursing staff.


White plan, opening of new beds, rescheduling of operations ... Faced with the risk of being overwhelmed by the Covid-19, the Lille University Hospital is reacting.

The most serious patients are starting to arrive, according to a resuscitator, and there is not enough staff to handle this second wave.

So to cope, all human resources are mobilized.


- Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Sunday, October 25 

"Adapt, play the game"

The features drawn, Karine leaves her night shift, exhausted after 12 hours of work ... And only 30 minutes break.

"We're going home, we're tired, tired!" She whispered at the microphone of Europe 1. A first-year nursing student, she was requisitioned by the CHU, heading to the Covid unit, in intensive care.

“We haven't really had any training, we are not supervised,” she says, adding that being “let loose like that in a sheave is super complicated”.

New, inexperienced, without benchmarks, Karine says she feels "like a ball".

And although the nursing staff have welcomed them, another nurse explains that they have no other choice but to "adapt, play the game".


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Already 200 to strengthen the CHU teams

"We also need arms, to cope with the 15-20 admissions to hospital each day", explains Frédéric Boiron, general manager of the Hospital Center.

"We appeal to recently retired staff, who are identified, solicited ... There are also medical students, elderly residents as they say," he continues.

"We are recruiting from outside the labor market. Nurses and nursing assistants in the majority."

And in this situation, every position counts.

They are already 200 to reinforce the teams of the CHU - four times less than during the first wave.