11-year-old elementary school student directs a dolphin show Kagawa Takamatsu October 25, 19:02

11-year-old "Sakana-kun" is a big success in Takamatsu.

An elementary school boy who has been attending an aquarium in Takamatsu City since he was 2 years old is entrusted with the sound of a dolphin live by the aquarium, and is performing a skillful production according to the movement of the jumping dolphin.

I've been to the aquarium since I was 2 years old

Takumi Goto, a sixth grader in Takamatsu City, loves fish and aquariums, and has been attending the New Yashima Aquarium in Takamatsu City since he was two years old.

At the aquarium, in order to make the best use of Takumi-kun's enthusiasm and wisdom, elementary school began to help at the aquarium on holidays, and Takumi-kun, who became a sixth grader, is a popular event at the aquarium, Dolphin Live. I am now in charge of sound production.

I was in charge of the sound of the dolphin live four times a day on the 25th, and during the live for about 25 minutes, I skillfully used 14 kinds of songs and sound effects while checking the movement of the dolphin and the trainer from the small window. ..

A new employee in his twenties who had just joined the company was right next to Mr. Takumi, and he was asking for guidance from Mr. Takumi, the "master."

After the live, I went around the aquarium with the character "Mana-yan" and said, "Why don't you take a picture with Mana-yan? You can be happy by touching the cabbage on your head." ..

Takuto Goto "I want to be an employee of the New Yashima Aquarium in the future."

Mr. Takumi said, "I love the closeness to the creatures in the aquarium, and I am grateful to be able to do various jobs. I am happy to hear questions from customers, and in the future I will be an employee of the New Yashima Aquarium. I want to be. "