Lee Ji-an, the younger brother of actor Lee Byung-hun and a broadcaster from Miss Korea, released a single life that he enjoyed alone in a 75-pyeong apartment.

He appeared on the SBS Plus entertainment program'Jeondangpo', which aired on the 24th, and revealed his financial concerns. When MC Jang Seong-gyu asked, "Is it almost a beggar?" Lee Ji-an replied, "That's right."

MC Jung Na said, “I am living alone in a 75-pyeong apartment in Yongin Suji. All income has declined in the aftermath of Corona 19. Only millions of home, car loans, apartment management fees, and pet management fees. With a relaxed single life, the bankbook is empty. I did," he introduced.

Lee Ji-an said, "I bought a 75-pyeong apartment with a loan on my own. Still, I am proud to buy a house in my name. I am maintaining a livelihood through broadcasting income and part-time job. The income is modest to say part-time job. It is almost as simple as running a bazaar. It's about donating and getting a little income.”

Lee Jian replied, "I want to enjoy a more single life" to the question about marriage. He said, "I'm very satisfied now. I've experienced (marriage) once, but I don't have that good memory. I'm going to enjoy it more." Nevertheless, he said, "If you see a really good person, your thoughts may change," and it made you laugh.

Jian Lee is a broadcaster from Jin (眞) at the 40th Miss Korea Contest in 1996. He is also famous as the younger sister of actor Lee Byung-hun.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)