China News Service, Changzhi, October 24 (Wu Qiong and Wang Yuqing) The reporter learned from the Fire Rescue Brigade of Licheng County, Changzhi, Shanxi on the 24th that a three-vehicle collision accident occurred on the afternoon of the 23rd in the Licheng section of the Chang-Han Expressway, causing a full load The benzene tanker leaked and another person was trapped.

  At 16:13 on the 23rd, at 733+850 meters from Changzhi, Shanxi, to Handan, Hebei, a semi-trailer pulling coal in order to avoid the vehicle in front, hit the right direction and collided with a hazardous chemical transport vehicle. , And then another private car crashed.

  The accident caused a leak of the crude benzene truck loaded in the hazardous chemical transport vehicle; the cab of the coal-pulling semi-trailer was severely deformed and the driver was thrown out of the vehicle.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, three vehicles collided in the Licheng section of the Changhan Expressway in Shanxi, causing a tanker full of crude benzene to leak and another person was trapped.

Photo courtesy of Licheng Fire

  According to the situation at the scene, firefighters immediately put on personal protective equipment and started the rescue. A group of firefighters searched and rescued the semi-trailer driver and successfully rescued him after more than 20 minutes; another group of firefighters investigated the leaking tanker at the accident site , It was discovered that the crude benzene tanker had a slight leak, and the leaking part was located at the bottom of the tank, which did not meet the conditions for plugging operation.

  In view of the on-site situation, the relevant department finally contacted the professional tank dump truck to carry out the crude benzene dumping operation.

In the meantime, the firefighters of the Licheng County Fire Rescue Brigade sent out a foam pipe gun to cooperate with the tank dumping operation until the tank dumping was completed.