Now that autumn has officially started, it is high time to make it cozy indoors.

From deep colors to scented candles: with these styling ideas from

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take autumn indoors and


indoors was never so pleasant.

Bring in warm colors

Deep reds, yellows and oranges create beautiful colors in the trees and foliage on the ground in autumn.

Be inspired by nature and extend this warm palette into your own home to make it completely fall-ready.

Paint a wall in chestnut red, indigo blue or brown, the trend color of the moment.

You can also subtly add these warm tones with candles, pillows and throws, an easy and budget-friendly way to create a cozy atmosphere in your home in no time.

By adding a few bright colors, such as a cheerful pink pillow, you prevent the interior from becoming gloomy.

Think about smell

Aromas such as apple, cinnamon and coffee beans are typical of autumn.

When you smell them, you immediately feel like cocooning, right?

To bring the scents into your home, you don't have to go straight into the kitchen to bake an apple pie, because there is also an easy way to bring these fall scents into your home: scented candles.

Besides the fact that these candles are for sale in many places, you can also make them yourself.

Tie a few cinnamon sticks around a block candle.

The warmth of the candle automatically releases a delicious, subtle cinnamon scent.

Get started yourself

Are you creative and do you want to get started yourself?

Bring fall in and get started with some DIY ideas.

An example of this is a vase full of dried plants or flowers.

After the summer, many perennials go into hibernation.

Some plants, such as the hogweed, are beautiful to see even when dried.

Put on your boots, go outside and look for the hogweed, which you can find along forest edges, streams and in the dunes.

Place them in a vase or give them a color with a spray can.

Here are more DIY ideas for fall.