[Explanation] On October 24th, teachers and students from many universities in Beijing visited the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution "Remembering the Great Victory and Defending Peace and Justice-Thematic Exhibition to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers' Fighting against the US and Aid Korea."

  Today's Chinese youth have a deep understanding of how to pass on and carry forward the great spirit of resisting the US and aiding Korea.

  [Concurrent] Chen Ang, a student of Capital Normal University

  Before, I only learned two texts in elementary school texts, about Huang Jiguang and Qiu Shaoyun, and the feeling at that time was not so strong.

Today I feel a little heavier and the cruelty and ruthlessness of the war at that time, and I also feel the hard-won life of peace today.

  [Explanation] Many precious cultural relics and documents are displayed in this theme exhibition.

Speaking of which cultural relics on display were impressive, many interviewed students talked about the actual objects showing the hard life of volunteer soldiers.

With backward weapons and equipment, the Chinese People's Volunteers can still defeat the strong with the weak.

  [Concurrent] Chen Zhanqiao, a student of Capital Normal University

  During the war (enemy army) launched a germ warfare. They (volunteers) wore that gas mask which was particularly crude, and felt that their conditions were particularly difficult, but their willpower was very tenacious.

  [Concurrent] Di Lieba, student of China University of Political Science and Law

  I saw that the clothes or shoes they were wearing were a bit old and I felt that the economic conditions at the time might not be particularly good, but they still made so many things and sacrifices for people in such a harsh environment.

  [Explanation] As a descendant of the Chinese People’s Volunteers, Sun Zebin, a teacher at Beihang University, sighed with the heroism of the volunteers and soldiers in defending their homes and the courage to sacrifice their lives for the motherland and the people.

  [Concurrent] Sun Zebin, Teacher, Beihang University

  At that time, my grandfather was not the only one who entered the Korean war. I think all the people at that time (have) the heroic spirit of defending their homes and the country, and the courage to give their lives for the motherland and the people.

In today's scientific research, we sweat and bleed, but we don't shed tears. We must also inherit this spirit, work hard, and use our youth and sweat to fight hard.

  [Commentary] It is reported that this themed exhibition exhibited 540 photos, 1602 exhibits and cultural relics (including 81 first-class cultural relics and precious exhibits), 15 artworks, 84 graphics, 4 landscapes, and 18 videos. .

824 cultural relics are exhibited for the first time.

A large number of representative cultural relics, such as combat maps, text files, flag badges, and seized weapons, will meet with the public during the exhibition.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng Li Chun reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Fang Jialiang]