Small bridges, running water, people; cock crows, dogs barking, pastoral... The reporter recently walked through the villages in southern Anhui and saw that tourists walking slowly to view the scenery and villagers busy with farming often meet in the village, just like a picture.

In order to make the scene in the painting more popular and dynamic, in recent years, Huangshan City in Anhui Province has followed the work policy of “protection first, rescue first, rational use, inheritance and development”, and actively build government-led, social participation, and market operations The cultural heritage protection and utilization system promotes the upgrading of cultural heritage resources from static protection to live utilization, realizes a virtuous circle of protection and utilization, and allows the precious Huizhou culture to stay and live.

The ancient Hui-style villages are not only protected, but also activated and utilized to increase their popularity.

Huangshan City, as an area with a large number of ancient dwellings and well-preserved conditions, has made some useful explorations in protection and utilization.

For example, the formation of a number of "homestay villages" not only revitalized the local Huizhou villages, but also added more fireworks to the villages.

The picture shows the scenery of Hongcun Village, Yi County, Anhui Province, taken on October 16.

Photo by China News Agency reporter An Yuan

Release time: 2020-10-23 17:06:38 【Editor: Wang Yi】